Basic Calculator / കാൽക്കുലേറ്റർ

How to use our basic calculator:

To use Our basic calculator, you can input numbers and symbols by clicking on them. Then, you can perform different calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by using the corresponding operator buttons.

For example, to add two numbers, you would input the first number, then click the addition button, input the second number, and finally click the equals button to see the result.

If you need to repeat a calculation, you can simply input the numbers and operators again. If you want to clear the calculator's memory, there's usually a clear button you can press.

That's basically how you can use a basic calculator for math operations. It's a handy tool for doing simple .

What Are the Functions on the Calculator?

  • ÷   Division
  • ×   Multiplication
  • +   Addition
  • −   Subtraction
  • =   Calculate